Happy 10 Year Anniversary! Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge - Roots NYC

4 hours ago

Franco CostaMan nice lineup!!4 hours ago

Themba Duncan NdlovuBlack coffee wl b cracking da CDJ'S4 hours ago

Ultra Naté shared a photo.

5 hours ago

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The finale...Ann Nesby performed "The Pressure" live with an ALLSTAR cast of legendary vocalist doing backgrounds!! FK would've been very pleased.

14 hours ago

Adam ElsmoreThat is just freaking awesome!3 hours ago

Remy JuneThat's what I'm talkin about !!!!!3 hours ago

Jotta SybbalenaLove this!3 hours ago

Felicia Poindexterwow!!!!chills, i have never heard of this play please tell me how i can c this jeff.5 hours ago

Vincent Oscar RaymondWe don't know what we have until it's gone.5 hours ago

Daniel RamirezWow!!!!!!!7 hours ago

Andrew WaiteLee Lee Willow Jon Jon Parkin lee Lee Grayson Clare Gorton rob Rob Tennant Amanda Lewis12 hours ago

Natasha B. PeacockDayuuum Ann! Epic vocals12 hours ago

Novanos NobelMagical moments Nova 13 hours ago

Joermeson Oliveira OliveiraA pressão. Pura house music.10 hours ago

Wojtek Doria DernalowiczOn ne s'en remet pas!10 hours ago

Andrew WaiteLisa Lisa Wrightson12 hours ago

Joe van TeylingenGoosebumps!14 hours ago

Jamari MackPowerful!14 hours ago

Francis CastilloLove love love..14 hours ago

Deejay JuccyLindooooo demais !!!15 minutes ago

Jorge MunozAwesome13 hours ago

Darwin KellyClassic!!!14 hours ago

Robert Owens did "Tears" live.. Not a dry eye in the room for this one.

14 hours ago

Chanté OsborneMy fav Frankie Knuckles song!9 hours ago

Jeannie HopperHeaven!11 hours ago

Julie Fazooli<312 hours ago

Andrew WaiteLisa Lisa Wrightson lee Lee Willow Chris Williams Clare Gorton Braden Waite Zac Zac Waite Sasha Waite Steven Nobby Fox Jon Jon Parkin12 hours ago

Andrew WaiteFantastic...x12 hours ago

Jonathan Lewisclassic12 hours ago

Chris WilliamsNice one.2 hours ago

Laura Hill👏👏👏👏4 hours ago

Felicia Poindexterspeechless!4 hours ago

Francesco MarfèAmazing! ❤️12 hours ago

Bruce B BizzleNice!13 hours ago

Jaye Ward❤️❤️❤️13 hours ago

Jorge MunozVery kewl.13 hours ago

René KirkegaardAmazing❤14 hours ago

Luca GworldYESSS!!! ❤️14 hours ago

Kev Joneswow14 hours ago

Daffydd DeVeehttp://youtu.be/necikiMSOeM30 minutes ago

Beautiful celebration for Frankie last night in NYC. So many people loved him!! What an impact he had on so many of us!! I didn't take a lot of pics cause I just wanted to be in the moment enjoying so many great friends in the industry all in one room. But here's a couple snippets I did catch for memories sake.

14 hours ago

Jeannie HopperIt was indeed gorgeous. The family of house.11 hours ago

CjwillsoonbeJohnson BondHouse Music Heavy Hitters!!!4 hours ago

Franco CostaThank you for sharing x6 hours ago

Itchy Lemon<3 and RESPECT from Portugal6 hours ago

Andrew Waite.x12 hours ago

Hector RomeroThank you Ultra. Love you!12 hours ago

Edgar ParedesAlright!!!13 hours ago

Marielle MulliganWish I could have been there!8 hours ago

Darwin KellyHeard about this last night' private event' after party at SOB'S!14 hours ago

Barry Mayx14 hours ago

Georgios Vafeiadisgreat14 hours ago

Yesterday was the memorial service of our beloved Frankie Knuckles in Chicago. Today we'll head to New York to continue his Celebration of Life. It's still quite unbelievable that he is gone. But the outpouring of love, accolades and acknowledgement of contributions is stunning!

1 day ago

Asr CordesThanks for keepin us up on the celebration. I never had the good fortune of meeting him but he has always been and will always be a huge influence and source of inspiration and creativity for me.1 day ago

Angel BadilloBeauitful! Thanks for sharing Ultra Nate.1 day ago

Alfredo Badillo.....one part of history.......:(1 day ago

Andrew Waitecool1 day ago

Manu Emmanuel FircsaUltra Naté you are my Michelle Obama <3 ;-) :D1 day ago

Tim Harriswhile the man may be gone, his legacy and music will live forever!1 day ago

Sam PatrickHe will live on in everyone's memories, rip x15 hours ago

Godfrey MashianeNYC1 day ago

Carla ArmindaLove and respect always1 day ago

Kiyoshi Tsutsuiawesome!!1 day ago

Paul HoganPure class. 1 day ago

Marshall DavisBeautiful1 day ago

Andrew NewburgNice! Miss u Frankie1 day ago

Joanne BaileyNice one!1 day ago

Melissa Belmar-JeterTears :(1 day ago

Alan SmithsonIncredible!1 day ago

Enrique Novelo AzuaraMuchas gracias por sus lindas atenciones1 day ago

Themba Duncan NdlovuMay hz soul rest in #peace1 day ago

Carlos Chavez-IvarThis is so great!!!1 day ago

Melissa Belmar-JeterHis music is legend. Inna class by himself. House music & Frankie..awesomeness forevet1 day ago

Robert NewlandsPeace........ Hope your giving him the send of he deserves x1 day ago

Genevieve Van GyteGod bless you all!!1 day ago

Pete LambertyThat was so great kool1 day ago

Rina PhongsavanhWojtek tears :(1 day ago

Wojtek StobinskiRina wow!1 day ago

Retweeted ✯Cozmik Photography✯ (@CozmikShot): @ultranatemusic @BoyGeorge @LisaMoody yesssss it was all so lovely!!! Singing along #emotional ♡♡♡

2 days ago

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"Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me" - Boy George..phenomenal tonight in DC!

2 days ago

Alison RizzoDamnit, I thought you were serving a video.2 days ago

George Valeres<32 days ago

Emily MaldonadoLove him! :-)1 day ago

Samuel ThompsonHad the true pleasure of hearing/seeing him in concert in Padova during the summer of 2011....2 days ago

In the "Church of the Poison Mind". Yesssss!

2 days ago

Robert Escalerayassssss!2 days ago

The incredible Boy George about to hit the stage shortly.

2 days ago

George ValeresAmazing !!2 days ago

Natural N Sassy-Las VegasYes!!2 days ago

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